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Most martial artists, regardless of what style they practice, participate in some form of warm-up exercises before the start of a class. But in our practice these exercises play a more important part of developing our bodies for goju-ryu. Junbi Undo, preparation exercises, and more extensively the Daruma Taiso (named and developed by Seikichi Toguchi founder of Shorei-kan karate ) explore the body from toe to head. Strengthening ligaments, tendons and muscles along the way, each part of the body is is synergistically stretched and strengthened. Daruma Taiso emphasize breathing-led movement, kiko, whilst stretching and holding poses. Much like the traditions of Yoga, the merits of Daruma Taiso feed all aspects of our practice making it not only an excellent athletic training, developing internal Ki (energy) for Karate-Do and exploring movements crucial for good martial artists, but also a breathing and stretching practice suitable for everyone. They are an important part of how we train our bodies in the dojo ; how to connect to our bodies more intuitively and intelligently so we can attain greater mobilty and flexibilty. Developing range of movement and core strength. 'Daily Floppy Doll' exercises we practice for supple, fluid bodies enable us to become more body conscious .We have weekly class dedicated soley to this practice to keep agile,quick and loose jointed for as long as possible.. prevent injury of muscles from too much tightening up and not enough stretching ... Daruma is the founder of Zen Buddhism in Japan.Legend has it that he crossed the sea from China to Japan standing on a bamboo, sat meditating in a cave for 9 years he lost the use of his arms and legs! ... today he's often shown as a Daruma doll without legs and arms.However, Daruma dolls are a symbol of good luck in Japan...