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The actual dojo is currently under lockdown so all the teaching and lessons have moved online. Now there's even more classes you can join.When the weather is wam and dry we train outside. Otherwise it's 7days a week @7pm via the Zoom , please get in touch if you'd like to be a part of this new training experience. It looks set to continue for sometime...Keep healthy stay safe. During this time feelings of stress and anxiety maybe at an all time high in every aspect of life. Our practice at Tsuyoikokoro Dojo offers powerfull tools to help cultivate a peaceful strength and calm in the face of adversity. Make contact and join us for outside training in the park or online via Zoom *7daysaweek@7pm

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weekly classes in the dojo

*Mondays  7.30-9.00pm all grades

*Wednesdays  7-8pm (beginners)  

*Wednesdays  7.30-9.00pm all grades

*Sundays Taiso class from 7pm-

all classes are at St.Pauls  LEEDS, LS16 6BS

(except the daruma taiso class @ Fir Tree Lane danceworks LS17 7BZ Sundays 7-9pm)

*Note that class times can change ...  if you want any further information or have any questions about training please get in touch.

*Now offering tuition online via Zoom , get in touch for access to these classes


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